But, you know, I learned that early on from, from our very first hoofstock keeper that I really, when it really sank home and that he was always a very polite guy and he would always preface everything with, well, I, you know, I don’t want to tell you how to do your business, but did you know thus and such, or did you, or did anybody tell you that this is a problem we’ve had or whatever. It was always very polite, but you learned early on that if you didn’t listen to what I Elroy said, you’d damn well regret it. Because you know what he was telling you was pertinent, and pertinent, there was a reason. And so we’ve always had an open door policy and we listened. And you know, you might, you may decide to 180 degrees what you were told, but you listened. So, and never raise your voice. Even if you’re angry. They know you’re angry.