And each one of them builds a fence and a stockade and a moat around their department. Then they defend their department and, huge amounts of energy wasted by defending territory. And, you know, it’s not that there isn’t some of that, we just never have had that developed, never have allowed it to develop like a lot of big institutions and old time institutions where you have, you know, distinct departments that are discrete and, and are kind of at war and contesting with each other because it wastes energy. And I think that’s one of the things that, the reasons that we’ve been able to do. The other thing is that we haven’t, you know, we, we’ve never been good at spelling. We, in the early days, we, we couldn’t spell EPA and we couldn’t spell OSHA. We’d never been able to spell union. (chuckling) And, and we, we did, you know, for a long time, in addition to being, you know, director and veterinarian and curator, when all of this, that, I mean stuff, I was also the chief electrician and I was the only guy that knew in the beginning how to run the rotor rooter.