I mean, we used to, and they still do today yet. You know, I mean, it became a tradition around the place to do work parties and that you couldn’t afford to hire something done in those early days. So you put together a work crew, a work party if you needed to accomplish something. So I can remember still, even in later years looking out my window, you know, after we were developed a long, long way and with a crew building a fence in the giraffe yard, for instance, which is right outside my window, underneath the aquarium. And in that were maintenance guys, were keepers, were supervisors, was a staff veterinarian out sweating on building a fence, was a veterinarian slash PhD who was head of our genetics department out, you know, digging post holes and you know, and, you know, and even, even, even one of the, even one of those, a couple of ladies from by then, we had, you know, our public relations and marketing department. And we even had, you know, a couple of young ladies from, from the marketing department out sweating and working on a fence. Still yet today, and I think what we’ve never developed, partly because I’d seen that in Columbus and a few other places. We never developed this business that you see in a lot of big institutions, particularly universities, but also big zoos of the kingdom’s syndrome, where you’ve got a mammals department and a reptile department and a bird department.