Well, as, since I’ve oh, yes. Well, because, you know, in effect I was, yes, I was director of the zoo, but it was also still, I was also still veterinarian and curator because we only had 14 people when I became director. We only had 14 people on the payroll. When I retired three years ago, I think we were up to 284 year round full-time and about 30 year round volunteers. And then summertime with our summer kids, we get over 600, and, you know, an a and a budget of about 28 million a year operating. So, you know, we grew a little bit. But yeah, I mean, it was, I think the reason Omaha has done so well is that we started out so small that everybody had to do anything that they could do to make place survive. So, and we’ve still kept that.