They had a, they had a little menagerie and, and they had a gorilla and of course we paid our admission and we went in to see the gorillas and the whatever. And it turns out, of course it wasn’t a gorilla, it was a Chimp. And it climbed up on the mesh and peed all over everybody in the front row. (chuckling) That was the first, first exotic animal. We didn’t have a zoo in Tucson in those days and first exotic animal other than native North Americans than I’d ever seen. And that was also where I came as about a six year old, came in with a little water snake, which everybody then pronounced as, you know, cotton mouth water moccasin. And which of course wasn’t the case because no moccasin ever got that far north, but you know, my early interest was really in snakes as a lot of kids are. And that kind of continued on after we moved to Oklahoma.