And what we want you to do, we’ll pay you 50 bucks is we’ll put a pat on your back and you’re gonna start running and we’re gonna shoot the dart at you.” And I remember I said, “Well, yeah, but you’ve only got the pat on our back, what happens if you hit me in the head accidentally?” And he says, “Well, you could probably be pretty seriously hurt.” And every single guy that was there just turned around and left. And so what they ended up doing was just sticking non-moving ’cause what they wanted was a moving target that they could try to try to nail. They spent months at the zoo developing, they were using nicotine sulfate as a knockdown drug, which was a very, very lethal drug to begin with. And so we lost some animals with overdoses. But the capture gun chains changed the zoo world, it really did. I mean, it allowed. Well, because once they develop the better drugs with the antagonists that they could give to counteract the drug and bring the animals back up, you didn’t have to catch them anymore. You didn’t have to run them into, they know they weren’t gonna run into a fence that you could dart them, they’d go down, you could go in, you could treat them, you could take them up to hospital, put them under normal anesthesia and work on them.