I think that the people that I work with, including myself, sort of had a natural bend for how to catch these animals regardless of what they were in a manner that wasn’t gonna cause them any damage. I mean, I remember trying to train some of the keepers, like in small mammals on how to net and it was like, “You don’t throw the net over top of them, you gotta let them run into the net. So you need to know how to manipulate the net so the animal is running into the net and then you drop it down on top of them and they’d still try to bring it down on top of them, they hit their tails or whatever. And it was just kind of a natural, I think, a natural bend on the part of a number of keepers that they had that knowledge. Same thing with catching hoofstock. I mean, I remember going in to catch, seek a deer, which wasn’t that big. And this was years when they were still in these small wooden sheds and everything. And there would be three of us and there’s like 10 of these deer locked in this shed.