In a sense they did because Ted had, I mean, by this time in the early 60s, Grimmer had left and I can’t really remember what his reason was, but it had to do with he wanted to get promoted to a different position. I can’t really remember what it was and Reed didn’t do it, and so Grimmer left and they hired, you’re gonna have to help me here, John, and I should know his name ’cause he was really a forward-looking individual, John Perry. And I don’t even know if you recognize the name. Perry was hired as an assistant director and his primary job was to administer the zoo, the budget and everything, and take some of the load off of Reed. But Perry was also involved not only with the personnel issues and building up the staff, but he also got very heavily involved with AZA and with a lot of the species that were in severe trouble. He actually started the Wild Animal Propagation Trust, which probably today, if you mentioned it to anybody, they probably won’t even know what you’re talking about.