My mother was a registered nurse and my father was in charge of the sanitation department in the District of Columbia in Washington, DC. In fact, I have a letter from John F. Kennedy for his inauguration, where there was a huge, I don’t know if anybody remembered the inauguration of Kennedy, but there was a massive snow storm. And my father was in charge of the snow removal operations too. And I remember he was up all night trying to get, I mean, they were towing cars, bulldozing cars out of the way off of Pennsylvania Avenue. And they finally got it clear because he was actually, Kennedy was gonna to be inaugurated basically at his house because he couldn’t get to the Capitol. And he wrote my father a really, really nice letter on the White House stationary. I think it was probably one of the first letters that ever went out on white house stationary that was signed by Kennedy, thanking him and his men for the wonderful job they did that allowed him to be inaugurated at the Capitol and get to the White House.