About $2500 a year, which was not very much money. And what Ted did was he was able to convince the district government that was to their advantage to give up the zoo because it was draining money from them and put it under totally under Smithsonian. And at the time, I’m trying to think of the secretary that was there, it was before Ripley took over. And he was there for only about less than a year after when I started working, when Ripley came in, and when Ripley came in, it literally between Ripley Downtown and Reed out at the zoo, it was kind of the perfect storm because he had a real ally in Ripley because he was an ornithologist. He was interested in wildlife. He was smart as a whip and he was able to work with Reed and get the zoo out from under the district government. As soon as that happened, they switched all the keepers from a GS level to a wage grade level, which was, I don’t wanna say it, it was a non kind of a non-professional grading into a more working class of employees. But we got a huge pay raise because of that switch.