That’s where I think if zoos are really serious about what they’re doing, they ought to start turning their energies into really doing something to try to stop what’s taking place with the wild populations. And until they do that, whether they do it with their own money, or they’d trying to get our government and other governments to take a big step back and look at what is happening in and how fast it’s happening. I mean, when you started talking about extinction of a mega vertebrate like an elephant or a rhino that’s gonna happen possibly in the next 20 years, that is really frightening for a species has been in existence for hundreds of thousands or thousands of years. And it’s interesting because the Russians just found that almost perfectly preserved carcass of a mastodon mammoth, wooly mammoth, and they wanna try to clone it. And I look at that and I think you’re gonna clone a wooly mammoth, why don’t you start cloning an African elephant or an Asian elephant because what are you gonna do with a wooly mammoth if you happen to get one that you’ve cloned with an Asian elephant, for instance, where are you gonna put it in a zoo, okay, I guess, draw a lot of people, I guess, but you still don’t have any elephants now in the wild, that’s why I go back and say if I had to go into the zoo business today, I wouldn’t do it.