Well, I know it’s a profession that was established many years BC in Egypt. And then over in Europe, I mean, people have always been interested in exotic looking animals and exotic looking animals are usually wild animals for the most part. So I mean, zoos have been in existence for eons and it’s a place where you can go and kind of immerse yourself in an environment where you’re seeing animals that you could never see otherwise except on TV. And unless you go to Africa, or South America, or Southeast Asia, or the Arctic, or Antarctic, you’re never gonna see the same animals that you can see in a captive environment and hopefully, with today’s exhibits and everything, in a fairly nice, realistic setting, that’s what zoos are for. Before when I started working in the zoo, there wasn’t one message about conservation. None, all we had was signs saying this is an elephant or whatever, and it comes from such and such. The conservation efforts in zoos didn’t really start until I think probably the early 70s and that has grown from there. And now, they’re using the conservation effort as a means to justify their existence, before they didn’t worry about justifying their existence.