I would say if you wanna use the National Zoo as an example of that, I’d say that as much as we need the community support and we would be crazy to lose it, that we’d survive without the community support because we’re a major destination for tourists. And the zoo’s always gonna be on the tourist bus agenda to go see. And especially as we have pandas and whatever they’re gonna come in, but these others zoos, these other municipals zoos, they lose community support, they’re dead. I mean, if they don’t have the community support and that includes the schools and all the other organizations within the community that provide funds or provide visitation to the zoos. And that’s where they’re getting their funding to run the operations. They’re not gonna last in a lot of the solutions to these zoos that are starting to lose a tenants. They raise their rates and that’s not good because when you bring in a family of four or something in, and you’ve got to pay, I don’t know how they do it in San Diego. I mean, I don’t know what they’re charging now at San Diego, but it costs you $200 to take a family of four into the San Diego zoo, I think, unless you joined you the society.