And I don’t honestly think that there’s really gonna be good times again. And that’s just the way I feel because I think there’s so many things that need to be changed in how zoos are looked at and how zoos are run and where the money goes and what they’re doing. And if they profess as a major part of their message that they’re there to save animals for the future and that’s their job, they’re not doing a very good job of it. And especially with the rapid extinction of a lot of species out there, the money be worth much better span when trying to take care of international conservation efforts in these countries where they’re really hurting. We talk about this when we go out, we go out once a week, every week with Jim Murphy, and Judith Block, and Brawny Caskey, and my son, and he gets tired of listening to us. He’s a detective in Washington, DC, and he gets really tired of listening to about zoo stories. But anyway, I always say, 20 years, 20 years, there’s not gonna be a rhinoceros left, probably worldwide, but certainly in Africa and I don’t care how much protection they give. It’s gotten so out of hand that the same thing is gonna happen to the African elephant.