No, I did some consulting work after I retired and we tried to set up a series of classes in Borneo for tourists. And that basically fell through because the company that I was working with went bankrupt. And I did consulting work in Hong Kong for the Hong Kong Zoo. But other than that, I basically, to be honest, I hardly ever now go to zoos. I mean, it’s just that, I just can’t get up the interest to go in and Fran won’t go in a zoo, period. So if I walk by, I mean, we were in Berlin. I wanted to really go into Berlin’s Zoo just ’cause I really liked it and she wouldn’t go in. She said, “You go in, I’m not going in, but when you come out, I’m not gonna be here, so you’ll have to find me.” So we didn’t go in and it’s a shame that I’ve been soured to a certain extent on zoos, but I was there in the good times and I was there in a bad times and I left in the bad times in both cases.