I’d like to get a turtle.” And he would say, “Sure,” he said, “Will you take it over to Reptile House and you tell the curator at the, well, the head keeper at the Reptile House that you want a turtle and I’ll call over there.” And so I’d go over and he forget to call and I’d walk up to the man who was actually general curator, I mean, head keeper at that time was Jack DePrato. I never dreamed that at one point I would be working for him, but at the time I would go in and say, “I have a rabbit and I want a turtle.” And he says, “Well here,” and he’d go out and bring me a painted turtle, I’d say, “I don’t want a paint a trail, I want a wood turtle.” “Well, you can’t have a wood turtle.” I said, “Well, Dr. Mann said, I could have a wood turtle.” And DePrato would just kind of glare at me and go, “Okay, here’s your wood turtle.” And then I’d leave and I would do that on a pretty much regular basis. And I think I really wore out my welcome with DePrato and so when I graduated from, I don’t know whether I should continue to talk, you want me to… Let me ask one question here.