I mean, you kind of talking out of both sides of your mouth when you say that. And start to address what’s going on with the animal rights groups and to start seriously looking at the issue of euthanasia of collection animals because they are taking up valuable space and they’re not putting back valuable assets, so to speak. And these are important questions, and unfortunately, a lot of the zoos don’t wanna deal with them and AZA certainly doesn’t wanna deal with them. And the main reason is that there’s, I think a different mindset in a lot of the staff now that works in zoos where you talk about euthanasia, it’s no way, you talk to AZA now, no way. And animal rights groups are not gonna go away. And it’s easy to ignore a major issue because you don’t wanna deal with the animal rights groups. But the other thing is AZA as an organization needs to, at some point put together a war chest that allows them to counteract the charges that are being brought against them by the animal rights groups. They can come after AZA with impunity and all AZA does is back down.