It’s a bivariate, I’ve got bivariates, but it’s not listed as a particular species. And we went round and round on this thing, you got to broaden the collection plan. So I’m given at least enough leeway that I don’t have to ask you because I’m bringing in a particular species that I want, but it’s not on the collection plan, but it’s a bivariate and we’ve got four already and I just wanna add and they finally changed it. So it broadened it up a bit. The other thing I wanted to bring up was when I came in the second time, the zoo was being accused of not educating the keeper staff, not sending them to classes, not sending them to conferences. And they brought in that science, I’m trying to think of the name of the science group, but it was made up of mostly very, very important PhDs that were gonna oversee how the zoo had run and what the problems were. And I remember sitting there with the guy, the head of the chairmanship of this committee sitting up on the stage and saying, well, one of the problems is the keepers say that they’re not getting any education training. They don’t go to conferences and everything.