You feed it as a kind of a pancake, but it was like dough and it was brown. So we took a big chunk of this stuff and rolled it out on the table this long and put it in aardvark cage. And Jean same thing comes walking down and he goes, “My God.” And he starts to run to around and Jackson, already back there. And Jack says, opens the door. And he says, “My heavens, look at that, Bill.” And I said, “Yeah.” He says, “No, that looks so good, I think I could eat it.” And he reaches in and he breaks his thing off and starts eating it. And Malania comes back there and it’s just the expression on his face at the time and then we had to explain to him that actually Jean, he did defecate, it’s here, it’s in the basket, or whatever. And I guess a few months later, we kinda tried to do this so it wouldn’t get too bad, but we lost a fairly rare squirrel that we had just gotten in back in the nocturnal area. I went back there and this squirrel was dead and I came back and I said, “Jean, the squirrel’s dead.” And he says, “No, it’s not.” I said, “Yeah, it is.” He said, “No, it’s not.” I had to go back and get the squirrel and come out.