Doesn’t affect me who ran the zoo 30 years ago, but it does, if you’re working for an institution, you need to know where it came from in order to know kind of where it’s gonna go. And if you can’t learn from your past, you tend to repeat the same mistakes that have been already repeated before. And if you can’t do that, it means that you’d really don’t care about what the institution stands for because it’s historical. It’s like we were talking about, I mean, when you’ve got a collection of a particular species that has been what the institution is known for and has been part of the collection for 70 years, but you don’t know anything about, now, I’ll mention pygmy hippos for an example. When the new director came in and they were gonna build the elephant facility, he didn’t talk to anybody about, and the people that were there. I mean, I don’t think they really cared one way or another about pygmy hippos, but the fact that we were the first zoo in the US to bring pygmy hippos in the captivity. And for 70 years, we supplied pygmy hippos to every zoo in the world. And now, we don’t have any more pygmy hippos.