It was definitely different. I mean, some of the stuff that we did, if we’d done it 15 years later, we probably would have been fired for it because, I mean, I don’t wanna start as far as practical jokes are concerned, but I’ll tell a couple of stories in small animals with Jean Malania, who was the senior keeper in that building. And Jean was a very, very methodical individual. And every single morning, he would come in, and he would walk past and check every single exhibit to make sure that everything was alive and kicking. So at the time we had an echidna and it was in a fairly small exhibit and we had a wooden box with some dirt in it. So again, this is Armstrong and I and he says, “We’re gonna get Jean this morning.” So we went back there, opened the echidna cage and took a hens egg and stuck it in the box and came out where Jean comes in and we’re walking with him. And I stayed in the back, and so Jack’s walking with him and Jean walked by the echidna and stops. And Jack says, “Oh my God,” and Jean goes, “Oh my God, she laid an egg.” And Jack says, “Ah,” and he opens the gate, goes in to the back.