Well, we’re a professional organization with Smithsonian. I said, “Yeah, but we’ve got a science department. You wanna hire PhDs, hire them in the science department, don’t hire me in the animal operation.” Because every single PhD that we had working in the animal operations failed at one point or another. I mean, we had them come out of research and come into into the animal operation and they either couldn’t deal with the collection, they couldn’t deal with the staff or they couldn’t deal with either one. And so they either left or they went back into the research department. And I mean, I’m not saying that that’s across the board. I think there are some people with advanced degrees that have a good head on being able to work with captive animals and with staff, but at least in my experience that hadn’t worked very well at the zoo. And we just hired another PhD to replace the senior curator position, see if it works.