And then John Berry’s name came up and we started looking at John and I mean, it was kinda like Jeez, here’s a guy that grew up in Washington, really knew the zoo, worked for the federal government, really knew the FEDs, worked for private industry and fundraising. He sounded really good, and I said “I think we ought to interview him.” And I was going out of town. And I said, “It’s gonna have to wait ’cause I wanna be back when we get the interview.” So I sat down in Evans’ office Downtown in Smithsonian for 2 1/2 hours interviewing Berry. And I mean, it was kind of like old home week in a way ’cause he knew me, he knew the district government, he knew the federal government. He was really an exciting person to talk to. And he was really excited about where the zoo could go. And it was kind of like, so when we came back, I said, “Well, if you everybody’s good on Berry, then I think we should bring him on.” And we did.