But there was no way to restrain these animals except by hand or with net, because they hadn’t gotten to the capture gun, which I’ll talk about later. But so we would go in with mountain lions, the two of us with the net and net these guys and hold them down, the vets would come over and give them a shot or whatever they’re gonna do. We’d go in with baboons, same thing. And I look back on that and it was like, it’s almost like here’s a kid in his mid ’20s with absolutely no idea what the consequences could have been if something had gone wrong. But we did it, and we would go in the Reptile House, for instance, and we’d have to go in with the crocodiles. And there were two crocodiles, a North American and an African in the same exhibit, and they’d actually come after you. And you just have to ward them off with a broom, push them out of the way. And this happened every single day we go in there, you have to fight these animals often in order to clean some of the cages.