I thought there was a real problem, it wasn’t so much the animal department and the medical department because there was a real click between Spelman, the vet, and the deputy director. I mean, Lucy would come through the zoo with the deputy director, talk to the keepers, give them instructions, bypass the curators and this went on and same thing with the vet. And I think that’s one of the problems that got her into the trouble that she was in because there was nobody that was really in a position to oversee decisions that were being made by Lucy with this deputy director and even with the vet since she was still trying to be a vet, and a director, and oversee the veterinary department. And what actually happened was, is these deaths started to occur. The assistant pathologist started looking at these reports of why the animal died. And there were so many inconsistencies that he was finding in the vet report, in the keeper reports that he was going through, that he was the one that blew the whistle to begin with. And then it just mushroomed after that. And so when I got there and had to work out the problems that had been created, it was tough.