‘Cause I really have to think on this.” And then I hung up, Fran said, “Well, what are you gonna to do?” And I said, “Right now, I don’t think I would accept her offer to come back. I don’t need the job and it’s gonna be a real mess.” And Fran said, “Okay, that’s your decision. However, should you decide not to go back, I don’t wanna ever, ever hear the zoo mentioned in this house again.” Because I used to just really complain and complain and complain about hat was going on at the zoo. And she said, “You’ve got a chance to go back in and do something about it, and it’s your choice to do it or not, but don’t talk about the zoo again, if you don’t take the job.” So I called Lucy back and I said, “Okay, I’ll come in and talk,” which I did. And I don’t regret it because I think it was a real challenge for me. And I think I did the best I could in order to get the pressure off of Spelman to a certain extent, but it wasn’t enough because they were never gonna let her alone.