Because of what happened, I mean, I read about everything that happened with the red pandas and the fact that they had allowed Beck to resign and Seidensticker was moved out and up to research again. And the Post was raising holy hell with what was going on down there. And it was like, that’s really too bad. And it kept getting worse. I mean, it really started to get worse and worse and worse. And I was down in a local bar that was right up from the zoo with Judith Block, and my son, and my brother, and another friend of ours playing darts, and the bartender comes over and says, “Your wife’s on the phone.” I said, “Shit,” I picked up the phone and she said, “You got to get home.” I said, “What’s wrong?” She says, “Just come home.” Because she knew I was with people that worked at the zoo. And so anyway, she finally said, “Don’t say anything, but Spelman called and she wants you to call.” So I hung up I said, “I got to go home.” So I got home and I sit down and I said, “All right, I’ll call her.” So I called her and she said, “I’ve got a really serious problem, Bill.