Because it’s not the same profession that it was when I became a keeper, but certainly not the one that I was in during the ’60s and ’70s where it was an awakening of what zoos were all about, and we could get the collections that we wanted. We were able to build exhibits that were very nice for a low cost for the most part. You had, I think more interest in zoos by the public. Now, you’ve got all the animal rights groups that are coming after these zoos with a vengeance, to a large degree, I think they’ve got a right to do that because I think a lot of these zoos are making some serious mistakes in a way they’re exhibiting animals and how they’re being exhibited incorrectly or there’s more money being spent on the facilities than it isn’t being spent on, how do you deal with the fact that you’ve only got one elephant or you’ve only got one rhino now ’cause he can’t get any more, but you spent $60 million on an elephant exhibit.