That was my baptism by fire, yeah. And it was always, they take me out and train me on some of the outside yards and the guy would say, “Well, this is what you’re supposed to do. Okay, you have to close just like this. You have to make sure that all the locks are locked, but you really don’t have to do that. if you’re busy and don’t worry about it, just drop the holus.” And I’m thinking, okay, I remember one day it had snowed really bad. And me and this other guy climbed up on the roof and rolled a snowball that was probably as big as this. And one of the keepers that was coming in early in the morning to do the feeding was coming through the door and getting ready to go through the snowball over the edge of the parapet and hit him dead on and buried him basically. And he knew what was going on and you had to get to the roof by climbing up a ladder and pulling a chain to open a trap door, and he comes in before we could get down, closes the trap door, wraps chain around the ladder.