And the other thing was when I reached, I guess I was in my 8, 10, 11 years old, I would go to the zoo. And at that time, Dr. William Mann was director. And I don’t know if he had an open door policy, but every time I would go up to what was at the time instill is called Holt House, which was up in the back of the zoo and pretty remote from the main part of the park. His office was up on the second floor and I would just come, basically walk in with the jar full of frog eggs, or toad eggs, or whatever. And I didn’t know what they were, and I’d walk up and walk into his office and he’d say, “Hello, Bill, sit down. What do you have for me?” And I joined the eggs and he’d say, “All these a toad eggs.” And I would go and see him on a number of occasions where I’d bring a rabbit down. And I say, “I had this rabbit for Easter. but I don’t wanna keep it anymore.