Well, I think I’d mentioned earlier that Ted, I think he was really influenced by what went on at the San Diego Wild Animal Park with Schroeder and he wanted this. I mean, it was something that he had thought about and talked about. And when John Perry came on board, I mean, the two of them started looking at places that they could obtain. And I was involved in the early stages of going with them to look at sites. I wasn’t involved in the actual selection at CRC because it was kind of leaked by a good donor of the zoo that this site was coming up for grabs and they were able to get it, it was an old remount station. It was ideal, I mean, it really was ideal. I mean, the buildings were there, the barns were there, the only thing it didn’t have was a perimeter fence and it didn’t have enough outside paddock area. So all that had to be added.