If we wanted it, yes. Especially the small mammals. I mean, we got elephant shrews, we got 10 ricks, we got pacas, wheatears, I believe they were working on. So when they were finished with their work, if we wanted them in the collection, we could get, and oftentimes, they would even come back to us and wanna do some additional followup work with some of the species that we’d gotten from them. So, yeah, it was certainly a joint venture and they would start it and they never really asked us, “Are we gonna bring in tree sharers, Are we gonna to bring in 10 rakes, are you were interested?” Because it was their program. And it was really a question of, okay, that’s great. You bring them in, you work on them when you’re finished with them, they’re not gonna dump them on us because they don’t know what else to do with them. We had the option to take them or not to take them as case may be.