I mean, I really would have, I mean, they didn’t know what a volunteer was at that time, but I mean, I would have certainly been tickled to death being able to volunteer, but fortunately, I was hired and I spent a year in the Bird House. A year that was, I don’t know how long I can talk on this stuff, but I mean, the Bird House was full of these old timekeepers. I mean, and every Wednesday, I don’t know if I should say this or not, but I wanna say it, every Wednesday they would all jump into cars and go up to Adams Morgan area to a whorehouse. And then they come back to work and they kept asking me, they said, “Come on, go with us.” “No, no, no, no, I’m not going.” And they said, “We’ll pay for it.” “No, I’m not.” So that was my first introduction to what these guys were all going about. And there was a lot of drinking that used to take place, there was a lot of drinking that took place throughout the zoo, but you’d go down in the basement to where they stored the seeds for the birds and you’d be dipping your thing into the seed bed and you’d hear a clank and it’s a bottle. And this was just the climate of the times and we would play jokes on everybody. I remember that one guy that was going out of town and they opened his trunk and they put a 300 pound rock in his trunk and he was going up in the mountains, his car burned up because it was overloaded. And I don’t know how we didn’t realize that he was carrying a 300 pound rock in his trunk.