And we’d already pointed out that there was a major problem with the dorcas because we were losing calves from specific females that had been bred to specific males because they were so closely related. Kathy took that information and ran with it. And I know Horsely was really angry about the fact that she had taken a lot of the information from us and we never really got any credit for it. So they were there, I mean, Hawl Buettner worked on rhinos, he worked on sables. Carl Krantz would working with Rawls on a number of woodstock species. Geez. So you brought the problems to them to say, “Can you help us?” Or they came to you and said, “Here’s what we wanna to do.” Both, I mean, especially with the stereotypic behavior, we asked them to please come down and give us some input into what we could do to stop it. And so they were pretty good about working on that.