it was funny except for the Bird House and the Reptile House, all the mammal departments, and they weren’t even departments, they were just areas had to report in the morning first thing to the basement of the Reptile House and the head keeper at the time would tell us where we were gonna work. And so they would send you, like, I wanted to work in the Reptile House. I never got a chance to work in the Reptile House. They sent me to the Bird House, but I’d go up to the Bird House and be working there and I’d be there for four hours. And then they’d get a call sends Xanten down to the Elephant House. So you never really knew where you were gonna be on any set day when he came in. They finally just decide, I think about three months after I’d started, they assign me permanently to the Bird House. And I can remember, I mean, I was so happy being at the zoo that I would have worked for free.