Well, we were completely swamped for many years, visitors would come in from all over the place just to see the pandas. I mean, to the point where they’d bring busloads of people in, they’d jump off the bus, they’d run over and they’d look at the pandas they run back and get on the bus and leave. And that went on for a long time. But the pandas were, I mean, they were huge, effort to maintain on our part and a real, real disappointment in the issue as far as the birthing of the cubs because we never got a live birth out of that pair of pandas. And we tried everything and I was up there in ’72 after Larry Collins went to CRC, Conservation Research Center and worked with Devore and just this constant estrous cycle fumbling around on the part of the male, I mean, it just went on and on and on. Actually, they did an article on me on People Magazine, which I forgot to bring, but anyway, and it was a frustrating time and we tried everything. I remember the vets knocking her down when she was close to term and disinfecting her, literally, washing her down with disinfectant soap because we were so concerned about the fact that these cubs were picking up a bacterial infection almost immediately after they were born. And evidently, it was an infection that was in the birth canal that was causing these problems.