And if it had been five years later, it would have been a totally different situation as far as our careers concerned.” ‘Cause Block moved up the same way. I mean, she was good, she started out in as a supply secretary down in the supply office and then moved up into the records department, which was very small. It was up on top of the Lion House. And this was when this was in when Deetline line came in. And I’m gonna forget this guy’s name, at the time, if I can digress about the zoo in the ’50s, the zoo was a total disaster. The buildings were falling apart, the collection were huge. We had no education department. We didn’t have a veterinarian, a full-time veterinarian, Don Ted was actually a part-time vet, well, actually he had just been hired as a full-time vet before that they had part-time vets and no graphics department, nothing.