Yeah, there were problems. I mean, there were problems especially with the minorities, the African-Americans that I had to work with and actually supervise later on, there was a lot of resentment toward me. There was a lot of resentment toward the new keepers that were coming in, that were better educated. In fact, it reached a point in the mid ’70s where the curator of reptiles at the time was walking through the park coming back from lunch and one of the keeper leaders in the Small Mammal Building ran out and stabbed him. And it was out of total frustration on this guy’s part because he saw the National Zoo changing dramatically. And he was being left behind because he didn’t have the credentials. And I always said, in order to get fired from the federal government, you actually have to kill somebody because he didn’t get fired, he was allowed to retire. So, but I mean, there was, I mean, there was a lot of resentment because at that point we were hiring college educated people and they were coming in and the older keepers, I guess I could kind of see the handwriting on the wall.