And Dr. Mann had retired, Walker retired shortly after Dr. Reed was appointed as acting director because I think he got very angry over the fact that he was passed over. I think he was expecting to get the directorship. So he left and Ted hired, Lear Grimmer from Lincoln Park and between Dr. Reed and Lear, and to this day, I really don’t know what was going through their minds with me, but for some reason they both really took an interest in my future. And I remember they called me down to the restaurant one day for lunch, and I got down there and here’s both Reed and Grimmer. And they said, “Look, we wanna talk to you about your future here.” And Grimmer said, “You should go to college.” And I said, “Well, I did, but I dropped out of college and I wanna try to enroll in Montgomery College, which was in junior college, they wouldn’t take me.” He said, “I’ll get you in.” And he did. And so I went and got my degree at Montgomery College, and then I started, and the thing is the time, I couldn’t do it during the day. So this was all night school. And it took me four years to get through a two year night school degree at Montgomery College.