John Seidensticker is a senior scientist now, although I think he’s on sabbatical, but he was at the time a curator in the carnivore collection. And Gould quarreled quite a bit and he really resented the fact that Ed had appointed me as associate curator because basically in Gould’s absence, I was running the mammal operation, which meant I was supervising John and we just didn’t get along at all. But I was I think I had a reputation for dealing with major problems. And when they had problems with a keeper that they couldn’t deal with in one unit, guess who got it, got them, I did. And at some point it got to a stage where I was really getting bent out of shape having to take all these problem people because nobody else would deal with them. And I’ll tell you the story about Bess, this one keeper that she had hired who actually had started out as a volunteer janitor and then became kind of a volunteer keeper in the Elephant House. And the guy had major problems and we had a vacancy and she wanted to hire him. And we had a staff meeting with the other curators, and I remember sitting at the end of the table and I turned the Bess and I said, “This is a really big mistake.” I said, I know this individual and everybody there agreed that this was gonna be a problem.