Well, our ability to acquire, I mean, that’s where we got most of our collections was from animal dealers, I mean, there’s no question about that. And we had a lot of animal dealers that we could go to and we relied on them very, very heavily, especially for the acquisition of large mammals, were specialized animals that we couldn’t ordinarily get on our own from other zoos. And it was expensive, but not only were we able to bring animals into the collections, through the dealers, but we were also able to get surplus animals out of our collections through animal dealers to a large extent if we couldn’t get them into the zoos, but the dealers were pretty aggressive in keeping contact with not just National, but all the zoos to get animals for their businesses. And it was kind of odd where you call around and try to get rid of a draft or some primates or whatever the case may be and nobody was interested. And the reason for that was that they were in hock to the dealers for animals that they had purchased. And so they ended up getting the same. I would sell a giraffe to a dealer who would then turn right around and sell it to the zoo that I had been talking to two weeks before about whether they needed a giraffe, but they would buy it from the dealer in order to even out their books or whatever the case may be, which was really kind of strange, but that’s the way it worked. Today, I mean, you can’t even count the dealers that are out there on one hand.