Now, I’m sure AZA is gonna disagree with that pretty dramatically, but still, I feel it’s a major problem, and it’s only gonna get worse as time progresses. And most zoos can’t deal with the private sectors because of the AZA restrictions. They’re not dealing with the animal ranches in Texas and New Mexico because of AZA’s restrictions against that. It’s like the solution is out there if you wanna take advantage of it. I mean, the ranches have got huge spaces down there and some of them hunt, yeah, but they do it in a very systematic way. And it’s no different really than going out during hunting season for deer and elk or whatever the case may be. It’s controlled, but they’re breeding down there and they’re producing a lot of animals and we can’t even have access to those animals in the zoos because AZA won’t let you deal with them. So I think there needs some kind of change in mindset if zoos are gonna be able to survive down the road because every zoo in this country has a finite space that they have to deal with.