And these were just kind of vignettes, they were things that were going on and I thought were really interesting. You can’t get people to write papers now. I mean, it just, I don’t know about other zoos, but I’ll tell you the national, it’s like pulling teeth. We have a few keepers that and a few curators that have written some papers, but the vast majority of the staff that used to write papers, the curatorial staff keepers, they don’t do it anymore. And we were talking about this too. I mean, I don’t even think the majority of the curatorial staff even has a decent library in their office, which is I guess in a sense hard for me to understand, but with the advent of the computer and Google and everything else, you can look all this stuff up, but it’s not the same. It’s not the same being able to turn around and pull a book out that was written by a really famous zoo person that talked about behaviors and exhibitry, and the diets and everything else. And it’s right there in front of you.