I mean a new assistant director at the time. And Eisenberg wasn’t really involved in the running of the animal collection. He was still senior scientist, but he evidently was able to convince the assistant director for animal programs at the time to take me up and put me in his trailer and work on records or something. And that’s where I was for almost a year until they hired this other mammal curator who came in and realized that he was having a really bad time and asked me if I could come back down and help him. And I said, “Well, Eisenberg’s not gonna let me come down.” And he finally talked to Eisenberg and Eisenberg agreed that I could come back down into the animal operation. And that basically changed my career again because I worked, by this time Reed retired or was ready to retire. And they were in the process of getting a new director. And I’m not sure whether I should say this, but I think I wanna say it any way because it kind of shows the inner workings of not just the National Zoo, but I think of the Smithsonian to a large extent.