Meaning the castle on the mall, which was basically the Smithsonian, the big management area where the secretaries all were. And we wanna talk to Ripley about getting Reed out. And I said, look I’m not here to talk about that. We’re up here to talk about hiring. And that I remember the pathologist saying, “Xanten, if you’re not with us, you’re against this.” And I said, “Well, I guess, I’m against you.” And Eisenberg stood up and pointed his finger at me and said, “Xanten as long as I’m here, you’ll never, ever be curator at the National Zoo.” Now, you’re general curator at the time. At the time I was general curator, but it was only acting. And as soon as Jaren came back, they never went through with, with coup de tar on Reed. But when Jaren came back, I went back in as a supervisory biologist and they’d hired a new general curator.