And then Jaren Horsley was general curator at the time. And he got ill, in fact, he got really ill with hepatitis from eating oysters at the Baltimore AZA convention and was out for a little over a year. And appointed me as acting general curator. And during that time, we had a pretty serious palace coup occur with the scientists and the senior medical staff and I’ll relate the scenario that I had to go through because of the time we were in the process of trying to hire another mammal curator. And I convened this meeting with the scientists and the curator of birds and the pathologist and the veterinarian. And we were meeting up at the hospital and we’re sitting in the meeting room. And I started out by saying, we have three candidates and we just have to make a decision on who we’re gonna hire and Eisenberg who was senior scientists at the time said, well, we’re not gonna talk about the hiring, we’re gonna talk about going Downtown to the castle. Castle meaning.