Yeah, I mean, in fact, I used to go out and collect box turtles and we had a garage and during the summer months I’d built this box in the garage that was probably 12 feet by 12 feet and it was full of dirt. And I put all these box turtles and mostly, I had probably 15, 20 box turtles in this garage, within this box. And they laid eggs and I never knew what to do with the eggs. And then at the end of the summer, I put them all in baskets and I took them up to the woods and I turned them loose. And I always wondered what must be going through somebody’s mind if they’d walked into the woods and seen 20 box turtles all in this one grouping but I did that for a number of years and I’d kept snapping turtles, bring them back, put them in the garage. And then I collected snakes. I always had snakes in the house, down the basement.