And I had a really difficult decision to make because it was a position with reptiles, which I really liked, but I hadn’t been working in reptiles for years. And I really saw the position I was in as a better position to move up in the administrative aspect of the zoo rather than to stay down completely within the animal operation, which sounds kind of funny, but I think I knew what I was doing because if I was in an administrative position, I had the best of both worlds. I could deal with budgets and personnel and could really make decisions on collections and on other pertinent things that would be coming up. So I turned down the head keeper position, and I stayed with Deetline. When Deetline left, they hired Don Bridgewater and I worked with Bridgewater and he really relied on me. And at that time, and I think I’ve got the timeline straight on this, but he was actually curator of living vertebrates or whatever you wanna call it. And I remember talking to him almost every single night on the phone for hours about all the issues that were facing him. And he sent me up, they were having huge problems in the Elephant House.