Well, I certainly wanted to continue to move up. And when I’m trying to think of this timeline here, I was offered, Don Deetline was general curator at the time. And Billie Hamlet, I don’t know if you know who Billie Hamlet was, Billie Hamlet worked with Ernest Walker on mammals of the world and also was hired as a record keeper. And then she left and there was this opening kind of to help Deetline with the records. And at that time he offered it, actually, he offered it to either Jack or I, but we both had to take a test on animal nomenclature, and Armstrong said, “I’m not taking a test.” And I said, “Sure, I’ll take the test.” So I took the test and that was fine. And so Don took me up there, changed my title, put me into a GS position. And shortly after that, the position of head keeper became available. And I took the test for that and it was in the Reptile House.