Now I gotta go over the fence.” So I grabbed the fence, facing the crocodile and pulled myself up on the fence and went to pull my leg. My right leg was already laying on the fence. And I went to pull my left leg up and the cuff of my pants got caught on spike. So my legs hanging right out over the pool, he comes up to grab my leg. And I didn’t know, I mean, all I could do was just I laid flat down and I tried to straighten my leg out. And when I did my arm went down and instead of going for my leg, he went from my hand or my arm. And he missed me by about this much and then slid back down to the tank and I was able to get myself off of the spike. And the poor guy in the tank next to me was just, I mean, he was screaming and I went, I got out of there and I went home.